Signature Wedding Cocktails & Snacks

April 13, 2011
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As we get near the hour of lunch, and our stomachs are growling in anticipation of eating, we thought it would be fun to post some images of various couples personalized wedding cocktails and snacks they offered to guests.  Have a favorite flavor? Was your first date inclusive of french fries or some finger-food delight?  […]

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Countdown to My Favorite Day of the Year!

October 1, 2010

Halloween is my very favorite holiday of the year. Geoff and I are known among all our friends for our Halloween parties. They are so time and labor intensive though, we only throw them every few years, but when we do it’s huge. I need to figure out my costume! I love doing couples costumes. […]

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Brittainie’s Modeling Debut

June 4, 2010
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Today is Brittainie’s high school graduation (!!!!!). I know everyone says this, but yes, those four years come and go so quickly! These images were taken from a modeling job Brittainie did. She was in a fashion show at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos. After the show finished, we went outside for about […]

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Brittainie’s Prom

May 24, 2010
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My beautiful baby girl is all grown up! We did her last high school portrait session a few weeks ago after she got ready for prom. Taylor & Mimi of Thi Cosmetics created Brittainie’s prom look. They decided to create a look for her that was playful and youthful. Obviously, they did a fantastic job, […]

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Brittainie’s Senior Session in the Studio

March 26, 2010
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Brittainie turns 18 today. My girl is all grown up! Throughout the years, she has been my favorite subject to photograph. As you can see, she makes a great model! This session took place inside our studio, and the style is called high key (lots of bright white). Green is one of Brittainie’s best colors. […]

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Geoff White & His Sisters

March 11, 2010
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Way back during the holidays, (doesn’t it feel like eons ago!?!)  we got the White Family all in one location.  And I just so happened to have a camera on me! Starting at the left, that’s Tara, the clothing designer (Toronto), Rebecca, a marketing soon to be genius for Loreal (Montreal), and Hailey, an animator […]

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Becky & Bryan’s San Francisco Portrait Session

February 4, 2010
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For the holidays, we always get together with Geoff’s family and mine. Some years here in California, other years in Canada, but we always keep the same traditions no matter where we are.  This year everyone came to California, his parents and one sister Hailey from Australia and two sisters, Tara and Becky came from […]

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Nick’s Senior Session

September 26, 2009
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Nick was my first guy’s senior session. Nick’s great in front of the camera, and I’m really happy with how his images turned out. What a cutie! And then here’s a few of Brittainie and Nick together. I love this one!

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Brittainie’s Senior Session-Part 1

September 22, 2009
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Brittainie, her boyfriend Nick and I went out for a senior session last week. We had so much fun, and we didn’t get to do everything we wanted, so we’ll be going back out again soon. I must say, Brittainie is my favorite model. She’s so gorgeous, look at those eyes!!! In person, I wasn’t […]

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Bartering for landscaping…

July 6, 2009

I’m so excited, today’s the day that our landscaping project begins. I am bartering with a landscaping company for a series of family portraits, and in exchange we are getting some landscaping done in the front and back areas. This is badly needed, as the front area has become cluttered by overgrown trees and dead […]

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