Sedona Trip

May 11, 2009
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Sedona has always been on my “must see” list so I was thrilled when we had a photography conference to attend in Phoenix and a friend suggested we take a side trip to Sedona, only a few hours away. It was a gorgeous day, and the views were truly amazing. Geoff & I drove around […]

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Reading List-2nd update

April 21, 2009

As you know, I love reading and have recently joined a used book club that allows members to mail off books to other members when they are finished with them, and to create a list of requested books to be sent to you when available. It’s called and I highly recommend it for those […]

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Headed to St. Lucia for a wedding…

April 18, 2009

Today all 3 photographers, myself, Geoff & Kelvin are heading to St. Lucia to photograph a wedding. Geoff & I are going as guests actually! It is one of Geoff’s best friends getting married, and he hired Kelvin to photograph the wedding so Geoff & I could enjoy the celebration as guests. We are taking […]

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The Bone Marrow Registry-You could save a life

April 12, 2009

    I recently met a woman in the wedding industry, Denise Fattal (Silver Creek Valley Country Club) who also runs a bone marrow organization called Fattal Foundation. Having received a bone marrow donation herself, she is spreading the word about the need to register, and organizes an annual fundraiser called a Celebration of Life at the SCVCC […]

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Happy Birthday Brittainie!

March 26, 2009
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Brittainie turns 17 today. Isn’t she gorgeous???!??  Look at those eyes. She is so much fun to photograph, as she has that special ability to flirt with the camera. These were taken about a year ago, I think it’s high time we created some new portraits for her. We’ll be going out in a few […]

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Beach House in Pacific Grove

March 4, 2009
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Here are the pictures I promised on the beach house in Pacific Grove. It was super cute (for 2 people) & very affordable. It would make a perfect little mini honeymoon getaway.  Here’s the front, the street was quiet, perfect for sitting on the porch and just hanging out. The owner took a lot of care in […]

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Looking for a place to hold your bridal shower?

February 17, 2009
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Afternoon tea is a great way to celebrate! The Bay area has a number of wonderful tea rooms, which are very popular for wedding showers. My personal favorite is Tyme for Tea in Fremont, located within an antiques shop in the Niles district. They have the absolute best scones in the world (see the photo), and […]

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My recommended reading list…

February 3, 2009

For those of you who are readers just like me, here are my current favorites: -The Poinsonwood Bible -Snow Flower and the Secret Fan -The Other Boleyn Girl -Bel Canto -Twilight series (mostly 1 & 3 but you should read 2 as well) Other books I’ve read & enjoyed recently: -anything by Jodi Picoult -Water for […]

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Paperback Swap…

February 2, 2009

I love reading, especially during the cold (ok cooler) winter months. In the past 2 months I’ve managed to finish “Peony in Love,” “Interview with the Vampire,” “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle,” “The Heretic’s Daughter,” “Water for Elephants” and “The Secret Life of CeCe Wilkes.” The problem is maintaining a constant source of new recommended books […]

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Check Out our Presentation Room!

January 9, 2009
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For those of you who have not had the opportunity to come to our studio, this is our presentation room where we meet with clients. The isn’t a more visually impressive way to view images, and some of our clients come back after the wedding for their premiere, where we show them a special slideshow presentation […]

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