Becky & Bryan’s San Francisco Portrait Session

by Lara

For the holidays, we always get together with Geoff’s family and mine. Some years here in California, other years in Canada, but we always keep the same traditions no matter where we are.  This year everyone came to California, his parents and one sister Hailey from Australia and two sisters, Tara and Becky came from Toronto. Becky AKA as Rebecca to the rest of the world, brought her boyfriend Bryan home to “meet the family.” What a sweetheart! We could not have picked out a better guy for her. These two were so sweet together, and on Bryan’s last day here, Geoff and I decided to do a mini photo session for the two of them.  We only had about 20 minutes, and usually that is how long it takes for people to get relaxed and warmed up in front of the camera. Becky & Bryan had such incredible chemistry, they needed no warm up!

I think this is my favorite image from the session.

I love the ruffle on Becky’s skirt!

These were taken out front of one of our favorite San Francisco restaurants, Ti Couz. This is the most divine place for crepes, hot cocoa, and a do-it-yourself lemonade. Yum!

We had a small crowd of hecklers during the session (Geoff’s other 2 sisters actually) so after we were done with Becky & Bryan, I took some shots of Geoff with his three sisters Tara, Hailey and Rebecca. Hope to get those posted soon. After the session, we went to Ti Couz for Bryan’s farewell dinner. Until next time…

Lara White

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