Gorgeous Bridal Veil Ideas

by erin

Lace, beading, intricate edging work….the options when it comes to picking out the perfect veil for your wedding day are endless.  Traditionally, veils were used for hiding the identity of the bride but nowadays are used as a fashion statement and reflection of a bride’s style.  There are such a variety of veils available, and if a bride decides to wear one, we love to see what style the bride selects for her wedding day.  There are a splendid amount of different types of veils available these days:  mantilla veils, cathedral veils, chapel veils, visor veils, birdcage veils, blushers, and comb veils just to name some of them. All these different types of veils available present a wide variety in the length of the bridal veils as well from shoulder length, length up to the fingertip, elbow, knee length, floor length, and the to waist.  We thought we’d feature some of our beautiful bride’s veils as a piece of delicate inspiration for all of you planning your upcoming wedding!

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