Groom & Groomsmen Attire

by erin

Grooms are a focal piece to the wedding day and sometimes can be overlooked a bit.  But, we think they sure do look sharp in their suits and tuxedos and wanted to feature a post highlighting some best-dressed grooms we’ve encountered.  Men can have an equally fun time selecting accessories for their wedding look that can personalize their style a bit.  Everything from the boutonniere, style/color of the tie, type of suit, pins, and we’ve even seen unique cufflinks.  We hope you enjoy these handsome fellows attire and their groomsmen style as well!

A great way to personalize your male style is by the color of suit you select or your tie.  This is where men can have a lot of personal style added to their wedding day outfit.  We’ve seen everything from black, grey, and tan suits worn and can’t say one looks better over the other to our lens – it’s all just personal style and choice!  It is also important to think about how your outfit will blend on the wedding day itself. Are you getting married outdoors, in a natural setting? Maybe a less formal look is more appropriate.  Or, maybe you are getting married in a formal church and having a ballroom reception that might require a dressy suit or tuxedo.  It’s all relative to where you get married, the style of your wedding, and of course making sure your bride is having her dream day as well.

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RedSphere | San Francisco Wedding Photographer October 26, 2011 at 10:37 am

Great advice and gorgeous shots! Thanks for the write-up!

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