Vendor Spotlight: “Well Rehearsed”

by Lara

One of the most often overlooked parts of the wedding plans is the rehearsal dinner. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan this great party, it’s such a wonderful opportunity for the groom’s family to shine, and it really sets the tone for the overall event. Sometimes we get to photograph these events for our clients, and it’s really wonderful to see a well planned celebration as part of the overall experience. There’s a company called Well Rehearsed by Kathy Goodman, and she only does rehearsal dinners, so you are getting a specialist! I highly recommend for brides & grooms to start thinking about the rehearsal dinner & how to really make it a special event. For brides, this is a great way to really connect with your mother-in-law and make sure his side of the family feels included in the wedding planning process. It’s also a way to really connect with your inner circle and the out of town guests that you won’t get to spend more than a few moments with on the wedding day. Kathy recommends choosing a theme that reflects the groom (woodworking is the theme below) and really letting his passions and personality take the center stage. Below, Kathy gives a few more reasons why it is important to plan a great rehearsal dinner:

#1 – This is the first event that kicks off your wedding celebration weekend This is when your closest friends and family come together. Families may be meeting for the first time, you may be meeting some extended family for the first time. There are out-of-town guests and your bridal parties are getting to know each other. This is all so important because it helps everyone bond and have a fantastic time the next day. This is an event where you are hosting the most important people in your lives and saying “thank you for coming.” So many people have put time and energy in helping you create the perfect wedding day that this is really the time to say thank you through a well thought-out rehearsal dinner.

#2 – The rehearsal dinner extends your wedding celebration.

The rehearsal dinner is an extension of the quality time you get to spend with your friend and family. The wedding day will definitely be a full day of activities and celebration. I can’t explain how this happens on your wedding day but time speeds up and in a blink of an eye it’s over. But your reception is typically 5-6 hours of that day. So think of your rehearsal dinner as adding 50% more time – QUALITY TIME – to spend with the people you love the most. It’s a great night because nerves haven’t hit, you are relaxed and can really enjoy everything and soak up the evening.

#3 – Finally this is a night you can be creative and tell your story as a couple.

Your wedding day you are celebrating your commitment to each other and your future together as a married couple. I like to think of the rehearsal dinner as the time to remember your past, where you came from individually and then how you became a couple. And trust me your family and friends will help you remember. There will be heartfelt toasts and maybe some roasts… but it’s a night that you can really tell your story as couple.

If you decide to have Well Rehearsed plan your event, you HAVE to order these cupcake pops (just work them into the theme somehow!) These are so good, I swear, it’s like crack for the sugar addict. Of course, I’m a recovering addict, as loyal blog readers know, but if I were to have a relapse, it would be with a batch of these I promise you.

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Melissa Rhodes May 14, 2010 at 1:46 pm

those cupcake pops look delicious!

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