Wedding Hairstyles & Ideas

by erin

Since we are in the prime time of wedding season currently, and we know brides are planning their every last detail, we thought it would be fun to display some of the beautiful hairstyles we’ve seen brides wear.   Every bride is clearly her own person, and has her own style, so isn’t it great to see how the same concept for a low chignon, braid, or bun can be made to fit each brides personal taste?    I love how stylists can weave the hair, high or low to the crown, and make such beautiful designs using hair.  Gorgeous!It is so exciting to see what a bride chooses to adorn her hair with when we first arrive the day of the wedding. It’s always a pleasant surprise to see if she has chosen flowers, clips, pins, jewels, diamonds, etc.   Veil or no veil.   The hair pin or flower really adds that personalized touch to the style and shows off each brides personal taste. It’s all so beautiful.  It’s also fun to see a bride incorporate their wedding design colors into their hairstyle in clever or creative ways to tie it all together.    Gorgeous style, ladies!

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